Over the years, I have had the pleasure of visiting with thousands of recorder teachers by exhibiting at hundreds of music conferences and attending dozens of sessions presented by my Dad and our clinicians. If I had to pick one challenge that seems almost universal for every recorder teacher, it would be having students keep the Left Hand On The Top!

    There is no absolute foolproof method to ensure proper hand position especially since students are sometimes confused with right and left. However, we have a number of ideas that have met with great success. We provide an adhesive coin with every recorder ordered which is fuzzy on one side and has a strong adhesive on the back to mark right thumb position. I advise avoiding the adhesive coins with the rough surface. As we learned when we first started, those coins can be a little rough on student fingers and can also stick to sweaters and other clothing. Continue reading

  • The Story of the Digital Version of Be a Recorder Star

    The concept of digital content can be pretty daunting particularly because it is so all encompassing.   Just about everyone is involved with some form of digital content if they access the internet or download music.  Digital content is important because students have been raised in a digital era and are used to interacting with material in digital mediums.  The increasing use of whiteboards and one-to-one devices such as iPads and Chromebooks offer an added dimension.

    As a music publisher, several years ago we were trying to figure out the best way for us to enter the digital arena.  When we asked teachers about their interest in digital content, the interest was tremendous although some teachers had reservations about  their technological proficiency. Continue reading

  • Welcome to the new Macie Publishing Company Website!


    We are excited to use the site as a means to stay in contact with you.  Our highest priority is our customers and future customers.  Our new website will be a great tool to better serve you.

    The website, in conjunction with the launch of the interactive, online version of Be A Recorder Star, ushers in a digital new era. The Blog will serve as a forum for an exchange of ideas, tips and suggestions. We will cover a  variety of topics including successful teaching techniques and specific suggestions for utilizing the curriculum materials.   The traditional goals have remained the same-developing great music reading skills and musicianship in your students. Continue reading

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