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The Power And Fun (Yes, I Said Fun) Of Rhythm Charts

By Ed Sueta, Jr. The majority of problems faced by recorder students (and young music students in general) can be traced to difficulties with reading rhythms.  If they are able to read rhythm patterns and notes, they will have great success and great fun!

Teaching Recorder In California Schools

The value of music programs and the important role of recorder have been highlighted by the events of this past school year.  Recorder instruction was greatly missed and left a void.  We have been contacted by many California music educators who have expressed their

The Gift Of Music: A Musical Journey From Kid’s Closets To Kenyan Classrooms

By Lynn Brooks Founder-Recorders without Borders In 2008, as my family prepared to travel to Tanzania, I discovered my son’s recorder collecting dust in his closet. I wondered if these plastic wind instruments would be of interest to Tanzanian children. With 200 recorders I

Why Recorder?

By Ed Sueta, Jr. When you hear “recorder,” what is your reaction?  Some teachers smile with satisfaction knowing the success and fun they have had with their students.  Others may be less certain, but we want you to become a member of that first

We are extremely excited to introduce the new Macie Publishing Company Website!

We are extremely excited to introduce the new Macie Publishing Company Website! www.maciepublishing.com We would love it if you took a moment to visit our new site, check the new eCommerce engine and shopping features and let us know what you think. And while

Flipgrid for Recorder

The pandemic has thrown us into a whole new world of distance learning/teaching and required us to search for the best, most effective technological platforms and resources for staying connected with our students.  We need these platforms to be easy to use.  I am

The Story of the Interactive, Online Version

REQUEST A FREE TRIAL CODE ACCESS ONLINE VERSION OF BE A RECORDER STAR ONLINE RECORDER PACKAGES — The concept of digital content can be pretty daunting particularly because it is so all encompassing.   Just about everyone is involved with some form of digital content

PledgeCents and Macie Publishing Company partner to increase access to high quality resources for music classrooms across the country.

The partnership brings access to Macie Publishing Company’s Recorder Curriculum and Kingsley Recorders through the PledgeCents Marketplace. Philadelphia, PA – September 27, 2017 – Music shapes and influences young lives in a way that no other subject matter can. PledgeCents’ newest partner, Macie Publishing


August 27, 1929 – May 20, 2019 It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our father, Ed Sueta, Sr.  Our family would greatly appreciate any personal stories you would like to share.   Edward Sueta, Sr.  passed away peacefully on May

Recorders in Cuba

The children of Cuba attend official state schools where there is no music in the elementary curriculum.   The best opportunity that children have to learn music is either through non-state conservatories fashioned after the Russian model or through evangelical churches. At the request of

Macie Publishing Company
Macie Publishing Company