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Customer Service

“Macie has top-notch customer service. They have a wonderful group of individuals on their staff, they know their customers by name, and they genuinely care about them. “
Danette L., TX
“One of the best things about Macie is the absolute ease of getting the program established with the staff of Macie, who treat you like you are part of the family. “
Peter N., NJ
“Everyone at Macie is so friendly and accommodating! Whenever I have questions, I hear back right away. “
Kelly B., DE

Student Success

“I think my students have an increase in confidence [with Be A Recorder Star] and then when they have a choice in 6th grade, almost half of my 400 5th graders chose to play an instrument. “
Kate D., AL
“Our students love moving ahead in the book, playing duets together and filling up their neck straps with stickers! They also love at home practice with accompaniments-it makes them feel like they are playing in a band! “
Jo Ellen F., NY
“I have my students pass certain levels in the book. Every time they pass another section, they get a new color neck strap. The straps are thought of as trophies at our school. “
Stephanie M., FL

Quality Products

“You all really do have the best quality recorders, best ‘cool color’ selection, best customer service and communication, best interactive method book and best prices.”
Trista C., AR
“The [Kingsley] recorder hole placement fits my students’ hands and the recorders are “kid tough.”
Charlene C., TN
“The [Be A Recorder Star] book is written for a good pace of learning for new beginners- yet it gets harder for the 2nd and 3rd year students. “
Shannon P., TX
“Products are excellent… [The Be A Recorder Star] Recorder Book [is] the best product available-works at a good pace-includes songs students know. “
Christine B., PA
Macie Publishing Company
Macie Publishing Company