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Reward Your Students

You must always find creative and motivational ways to reward your students.  We are amazed at how much excitement and motivation are generated by the reward of stickers!

The Be A Recorder Star and Recorder 500 Reward Programs give students a tangible reward for their progress.  The reward programs are extremely convenient!  The cloth emblems easily and securely adhere to our patented safety neck strap, method book or poster board.  A bag of reward emblems has enough emblems for 30 students.  You can choose from a five level or eleven level program or even combine the two programs for even more rewards. Students love to “show what they know” as they accumulate more emblems.

A suggested framework for awarding the emblems is provided in the catalogue. The star system is very flexible, and you may easily adapt it to your teaching situation.   The stars and cars are rewarded based upon the mastery of songs, music theory pages and include the identification of musical terms and symbols.  Students enjoy being recognized and will work hard to achieve the next level.

A series of cleverly illustrated reward certificates may be awarded for individual or class achievement.  The certificates include recognition for holding the note the longest (Windbag of the Week), display of music reading skills, creative composition of songs, completion of assignments and participation in concerts.

Macie Publishing Company
Macie Publishing Company