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The most important characteristics of a recorder are tone quality, responsiveness and durability. Kingsley Recorders have a soft, gentle tone quality and play easily in both registers.  Kingsleys have been subjected to a full battery of durability testing including torque, impact, tension and normal use testing.  Kingsleys have passed every test.  The high grade (ABS) plastic utilized in the manufacture of Kingsleys enables us to guarantee the recorders against breakage during normal use.


What is “normal use,” you ask?  Normal use is anything that is not abuse and includes dropping the recorder on the floor.  We just ask that if you believe that the recorders were not being treated properly, that the obligation of replacement falls on the student.  Examples of things we do not cover have occurred in true stories- recorders being run over by cars, thrown against brick walls and our all-time favorite- being banged on the wheelchair of a grandparent.

We are extremely vigilant, regarding the manufacture of our products. We will immediately replace any item that does not perform to your satisfaction. Durability guarantees apply not only to the recorder but also our zipper bags.  There is an increasing tendency in the music industry to move to flap, drawstring and other types of less expensive, less durable bags and carrying cases.


We believe that providing students with a well-made instrument and a high-quality carrying case helps promote pride of ownership.  We specially designed a transparent panel zipper bag for our translucent recorders and utilize a durable black zipper bag for traditional black Kingsleys.


If you have questions regarding Kingsleys or have not received one, please contact us and we will send you a complimentary recorder and patented neck strap in the colors of your choice.


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