Kingsley Recorders

Kingsley Recorders have a soft, gentle tone quality and play easily in both registers.    In the exclusive Kingsley mold, the finger holes are situated slightly closer together than most recorders so that young students are able to easily finger all of the notes.  Better coverage of the holes leads to better control of the instrument.

Kingsleys are manufactured of durable ABS plastic which enables us to provide a guarantee against breakage during normal use.  The only thing we ask is if you believe that a student didn't treat the instrument properly that they bear the cost of replacement and  that determination totally rests with you.  We will happy to immediately replace any Kingsley Recorder which does not perform to your full satisfaction. 

Students love the seven vibrant colors and Kingsleys are also available in traditional black.  Kingsley Kolors come in a durable, stitched white zipper bag with a transparent panel.  Traditional black Kingsleys are available in both a sturdy black zipper bag or an economically priced flap bag.  The zipper bags are also guaranteed against damage which helps instill pride of ownership and ease of transport.  

An optional safety neck strap available in a variety of thirteen colors helps students personalize their color choices and they often choose their favorite colors, school colors or local university or sports team colors.  The patented design (U.S. Patent number 6,384,307) provides for a rubber o-ring which holds the strap securely in place and a velcro closure which is a safety feature for students. The straps are now available in a glow-in-the-dark option which is ideal for concerts.  

If you have not received a complimentary Kingsley Recorder or safety neck strap, tell us which you color you would like to receive and it will be on its way.