Printed Student Recorder Packages

Be A Recorder Star – Overview

The Be A Recorder Star Curriculum provides you with everything you need for enjoyable and effective recorder instruction.  The materials have been carefully designed to help young students develop their music reading skills and become great musicians.  The ultimate measure of any course of instruction is the success of the students.  With Be A Recorder Star, your students will learn more, retain more and have more fun than with any other curriculum.

The Be A Recorder Star Student Method Book, now also available in an online, interactive, digital version, is the heart of the curriculum.  The clear, easy to read, full color pages are enhanced by musically creative illustrations.  The use of color excites the students but does not distract from the learning process. Click here for more information about the digital version.

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The student method contains a varied repertoire of traditional and original songs from numerous time periods which are representative of many different cultures, countries and musical styles. Lyrics are often included to encourage singing and identification of pitch.  The songs are sequenced in conjunction with the rhythm charts to introduce and reinforce musical concepts and rhythm reading patterns. Air Control Lines utilize long tones so that students effectively control their air stream and do not overblow their instrument.  Music Theory Review Pages both reinforce the learning process and provide a gauge for assessment- ensuring student comprehension and retention. The digital version allows students to fill out the pages and email them to you. The pages may also be printed.

Teachers’ Materials include a Teacher’s Manual which features page-by-page suggestions and lesson plans for the student method book. The Manual also contains piano accompaniments which are simple and playable for all of the songs and exercises in the Student Book.  Historical and composer background information is included to meet cross curricula requirements. Teacher digital codes may be used with whiteboards, SMART Boards, Promethean boards as well as projectors and computers.

The development of listening skills is further advanced through the use of the Play-Along Accompaniments. 50 imaginative accompaniments for the songs in the student method book enable students to play along in class and practice at home. All 50 accompaniments are embedded in the digital version complete with tempo controls.  Home practice, even in relatively small amounts, greatly enhances student progress and retention. Concert Accompaniments without verbal introductions are ideal for performance.

If you utilize barred and rhythm instruments with your classes, The Orchestrations Book affords an excellent opportunity to develop both listening and music reading skills.  The two volume series consists of cleverly arranged accompaniments for more than 40 songs in the student method book.  Students enjoy the variety of playing both recorder and rhythm instruments.  If you do not have a full complement of barred instruments, the Recorder and Rhythm Orchestrations are arranged for hand-held instruments.

We have also published several series that are great for the classroom as well as for concert performances. These materials may be used in conjunction with the Star Program or as stand alones. Each book includes a CD ROM to project onto a whiteboard, SMART Board or Promethean board and print parts, as well as a Play-Along CD. The Be A Recorder Star Concert Series features duets, trios and jazz compositions.  The Say It, Play It! Series features fully scored Boomwhacker arrangements with optional rhythm instrument and recorder parts. 

Rhythm Pies! uses colorful rhythm pie charts to teach rhythm reading skills to younger students in grades K-3 in preparation for playing recorder. The Rhythm Chart Book provides extensions beyond Rhythm Pies using recorder and addresses , and  time.

The Be A Recorder Star and Recorder 500  Reward Programs give students a tangible reward for their progress.  Students earn brightly colored cloth emblems as they progress through the student method book.  The emblems easily and securely adhere to the patented safety neck strap.  A suggested framework for awarding the emblems is provided in the Teacher’s Manual.  If you prefer, you may award the emblems at your own pace. A series of cleverly illustrated reward certificates may be given to students for individual achievement.  This reward program does not require individual testing.

Be A Recorder Star is designed to be effective in all teaching situations regardless of how often you see your students.  The sequencing of the materials allows you to cover as much ground as your situation will allow.  You may add the additional features of the curriculum as you see fit.  We hope you will try Be A Recorder Star.  We are confident you will be pleased with your results!