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August 27, 1929 - May 20, 2019

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our father, Ed Sueta, Sr.  Our family would greatly appreciate any personal stories you would like to share.  Continue reading 

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Kingsley Recorders have a soft, gentle tone quality and play easily in both registers.

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The most important characteristics of a recorder are tone quality, responsiveness and durability. Kingsley Recorders have a soft, gentle tone quality and play easily in both registers.

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Ed Sueta

Your student's most valuable resource is you! They depend upon you to choose the course of study which will provide them with the best learning experience.

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Why the Curriculum Works

The ultimate measure of any recorder curriculum is the success of the students.

As a young teacher, Ed Sueta believed that there had to be a better and more effective way to teach his students. Ed has dedicated his life to creating curriculums which sequentially present materials to young students in a way that ensures their success.

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Reward Your Students

You must always find creative and motivational ways to reward your students. We are amazed at how much excitement and motivation are generated by the reward of stickers!

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Professional Development

Publishing Company provides engaging workshops, in-service sessions and professional development days for schools, school districts and at music conferences throughout the United States.

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